We offer workshops to work with you and your team on a specific challenge. We take you through our process and methodology so that -at the end of the workshop- you have a solution built by your team ready to implement. 
Our workshops are company-specific and best for teams between 5-10 people. We can accommodate smaller / bigger groups if required.
Workshops can be 1/2 day or full day (pending upon the topic) and can take place at your offices for convenience or offsite.
Price is $3k for 1/2 day and $5k for a full day.
We can organise weekly / fortnightly sprints focused on a clear deliverable.
We offer certifications to train you and your team on a specific topic. 
Certifications are 1 or 2 days, pending upon the topic. 
Our certifications can be company specific for 5-10 people at a cost of $5k for a day and $7k for 2 days. The certification can take place at your offices or offsite.
For open certifications (attendees from several companies),  the training takes place in a CBD location and costs $1.5k per person for a day or $2.5k per person for 2 days.
We also offer 90' "workout" training sessions for teams of up to 20 people with a laser focus on a single topic to help skill them up quickly and cost-efficiently.
Workouts can take place at your offices for convenience and cost $2k.
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